Event Security Services Chicago


Event security services are available in Chicago. You can contact to hire for event security services in Chicagoland Event Rentals. The price is given here for per hour.

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Event Security Services

Security Service provided by Chicagoland Event Rental Event Staffing brings you an effective solution to your event security needs. Chicagoland Event Rental Event Staffing specializes in providing staff for the events, food service and branding industries. And with locations across the state, Chicagoland Event Rental is either where you need us, or can get to where you need us to go. Chicagoland Event Rental’ security service includes housemen, attendants, ushers, doormen, bouncers, guards, armed and unarmed security as well as off duty police officers. Chicagoland Event Rental Event Staffing regularly provides security staff to act as event security to interact with attendees, such as at fairs, trade shows, large parties, clubs, and more. Additionally, Chicagoland Event Rental provides guards to provide guest safety, secure equipment and protect venues from damage.

Chicagoland Event Rental Event Staffing’s security service employs friendly, courteous yet direct staff to tend to your attendees’, guests’ and visitors’ needs while simultaneously upholding the rules and directions you have set out. Clients can request event security such as housemen, ushers, bouncers and door attendants in any combination needed. Armed and unarmed security guards and off duty police officers are trained professionals with proper licensing and equipment. These professionals can be used either at events for a more prominent security or police presence, or can be utilized as guards for facilities, equipment and people. Staff can be dressed in either a business suit with an ear piece, clipboard and flashlight, or a black polo or reflective vest labeled “EVENT STAFF”. Armed and unarmed security guards as well as off duty police officers wear a security or police uniform.

More than just security service, though, Chicagoland Event Rental Event Staffing is a full service event staffing company. Other staffing services that Chicagoland Event Rental offers include: bartending services, waitstaff, chef service, kitchen staff, promotional staff, models, valet and other event staff such as cashiers, coat check, delivery drivers and set up staff. Contact Chicagoland Event Rental today to have a customized staff assembled for your party, event, or location!