We offer 4 hour rentals. However, if you would like to reserve an item for an extended length of time we will be more than happy to accommodate you on a pro-rated basis provided we can work it around our other reservations. If your event is long term or more than 1-day let us know & we can provide you with a Quote (Long Term rentals MUST BE pre-arranged – typically a weekly rate is the same as a 4-Day Rental & a Month is the same as a 3-Week Rental).


You may be able to keep your rental overnight if the item(s) will be in a secure location to avoid damage. Additional charges will apply. Please call our office to discuss any requests for your overnight reservation.


Late returns are subject to additional charges (1-day rental for EACH day the return is delayed). Late return charges are due and payable upon demand. Chicagoland Event Rentals works hard to guarantee reserved equipment’s available – if you return equipment late you make it VERY difficult for us to accomplish that & if you are late returning YOU may be the reason someone else’s event is unsuccessful! Please call us IMMEDIATELY if you are going to be late returning the equipment you rented!


Once you take possession of Equipment rented (or Chicagoland Event Rentals delivered it to your site) YOU take responsibility for it! Missing, broken & damaged Equipment and Transport Containers are subject to FULL replacement cost.  Customers assume responsibility for the proper care of all rental items & agree to pay for damages or loss of goods, regardless of the cause, except reasonable wear & tear. Additional fees will be charged to the credit card on file for damages & loss not covered by Damage Waiver.


Chicagoland Event Rentals offers Damage Waiver which is NOT insurance, but does protect against ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE to your rented Equipment. DAMAGE WAIVER is optional & must be accepted PRIOR to Rental Date Out. The fee for Damage Waiver is an additional non-refundable 10% of the rental cost. It covers the first $250 of accidental damage to equipment. For damages over $250 the Customer is responsible for paying 50% of repair / replacement costs. Damage Waiver does not cover loss, unreturned equipment, misuse or abuse, intentional damage, excessive amount of breakage due to negligence, vandalism, or theft. All broken or damaged pieces must be returned to Chicagoland Event Rentals on or before return due date. In the event a piece of equipment is stolen, a report must be made with the Police immediately and Chicagoland Event Rentals contacted as soon as possible. See Contract for more details.

Please keep it mind it does not cover intentional damage, horseplay/rough housing, theft or anything that’s out of normal every day wear and tear.

Covered Examples: Dropping a laser tag gun happens. You slam dunk on basketball inflatable hoop. Props break when using with Photo Booth. Darts (from Nerf Wars) get bent or go flying across to the neighbors. These things happen. My kids and guests will do stuff like yours will too. Not going to hold it against you. 😀

Not covered Examples: Bounce house rented for 6 year old party is used for slam dunk contest by teenagers. No, sorry that’s not covered. Laser Tag gun gets slammed on the ground because you are getting get beat by your younger brother, yea that’s also not covered. Props run away because your guests at event thought they were freebies. Yea, see that’s not covered. 🙂


We make every effort to assure an accurate count of the Equipment you rent from us & count it multiple times. If you pick up equipment, you should check our count against the contract before you leave our property. If we deliver the Equipment, you should check our count against the contract before our driver leaves your property. If you’re not present at the time of delivery, you will be deemed to have accepted our rental items. You will be responsible for any discrepancy in the count at the time the balance of the Equipment is returned to us.


What are the safety concerns when renting a moonwalk?

Our delivery and service teams are highly trained in setup and installation of each unit, and take personal pride in making certain each unit has been thoroughly inspected and safely installed to ensure the safety of the children and adults using the units.

Of course, safety of your participants also rests with the responsible adults who will be supervising the use of the unit. Please refer to all of the instructions and guidelines listed on your rental contract and on the unit itself. It is important that all users follow the rules listed on the contract and the unit. Our inflatables are all licensed, insured, and safety-rated, and exceed industry safety standards. This means that they are built with safety in mind, using the latest in high-security designs and fire retardant materials.

Are your units clean?

All of our inflatables and equipment are cleaned, disinfected and sanitized after each rental. We want you to be comfortable in knowing that you are providing your family and guests with fresh and hygienic rental products.

Do I need to clean the moonwalk when the party’s over?

You, the customer, will need to inspect the moonwalk to make sure that there will only be a reasonable amount of cleaning done by our staff. Candy wrappers, balloons, balls, socks, and cake are just some of the items found in units. Out of the ordinary trash, dirt, etc. will result in a cleaning fee of $50 and up.

Will the Moonwalks harm my lawn?

We cannot guarantee that the Moonwalks will not affect your lawn. In most cases, it will only temporarily flatten the grass, which should recover in a few days.

Can I set up the inflatable on a concrete pavement?

Yes, however, it is highly advisable to set it up on grass if possible. If you must set it up on concrete it will need to be disclosed so we are able to bring the proper equipment to be able to set it up. There is an additional cost to set up on concrete, asphalt and paver brick. We do not setup on dirt, sand, gravel or wood chips.

What type of power is required for an inflatable?

The inflatable should be within 100ft. of a 110v outlet (15 amp). We will supply the power cord, but we do ask that nothing else be plugged into the outlet being used.

What happens if I lose power?

All inflatables designed for commercial or rental use require a fan or blower that runs continuously. Should the blowers provided to you stop working, immediately remove the children playing in or on the inflatable. Then, check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. If it has tripped, reset the breaker and if this blower is working properly you may continue playing on the inflatable. Should the breaker trip a second time you should try another electrical outlet. If it trips again please call us right away.

How much electricity do your units use?

The blower runs continuously and uses approximately 14¢ of electricity per hour, utilizing less energy than most household appliances.

Can I use a water hose on a bounce house?

Under no circumstances should water be used with any inflatable that is not designed for such use. However, there are inflatables designed for use with water. We will be glad to let you know what water units are available for you to rent for your event. a $100 cleaning fee will be charged if water is attached or used by customer without permission.

Is it safe to use electricity with inflatables that use water?

It is important when using inflatables that require water that the electrical outlet be protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). This will trip if there is an electrical short. Also, you should ensure that any extension cords or electrical cords are not in or around water.

Can your units be set-up indoors?

Yes. We can set up in gymnasiums, halls, churches, or anywhere else that can accommodate the height of our units.

Can I have an inflatable at a park or forest preserve?

You must contact the park ranger/forest preserve, in advance, to let them know that you would like to have an inflatable present. Parks may or may not have electricity, which is necessary for these units. If your area of the park is not furnished with power, a generator will be necessary. Generators are $100.00 each and have one full tank of gas. Renter is responsible for any extra fuel required to run the generator for the duration of the event.

Who is responsible for underground utilities and Sprinkle systems?

Our units are staked into the ground for stability and safety. Therefore, the renter is responsible for having all utilities and let the installer where the sprinkle systems are located prior to their party.

What should we do to get ready for our moonwalk rental?

The first thing we like to tell people is…..”Measure.” Make sure you know where you want your moonwalk rental, and make sure there is enough room. Also, make sure your outside plug is working. That means….plug something in and test it! We need electricity within 50 feet of the unit. The second thing is, mow your lawn the day before, not the same day or the morning of set up. It will help keep the moonwalk clean for your kids’ enjoyment. Also, if you have a dog, please clean the yard of any waste before we come. It will help to keep odors away while your kids are jumping, and will prevent any soiling of our unit(s). If you have a water slide rental, don’t water your lawn for a few days before your party. Waterslides use a lot of water, and if your grass needs it, it will absorb it a lot better if it is dry.

What are your safety rules/regulations?

  1. Always have adult supervision at ALL times, when children are in or around the unit.
  2. Children must remove their shoes prior to entering the unit.
  3. Keep the number of children in the unit at or below the number indicated in the rental agreement.
  4. No horseplay or flips.
  5. Absolutely NO gum, food, drinks, candy or silly string in the unit. These items, especially silly string, are very harmful to the vinyl. Violation of this rule can result in additional charges for cleaning.
  6. Keep smaller children out of the unit when older children are jumping. Allow a separate time for just the small children to participate and enjoy the fun.
  7. Do not move the unit from the set up location for any reason.
  8. Do not use bounce houses near water, in wet conditions, or when fireworks are being used or will be used. Do not allow drinks inside the units.
  9. Have FUN!

How many kids can use the bounce house at one time?

The number of people allowed will vary by the size of the unit and the kids’ age/size/activity level (older, hyperactive kids v. younger, gentle toddlers). Also take in consideration how quickly kids move through the inflatable. On average a regular 13×13 most manufactures suggest that less than 7 jumpers at a time. Combo units are recommended for larger parties and or events. Combo Units allow for the kids to have more actives to do and tends to separate the jumpers between the different actives (ie: jumping, sliding, climbing, entering, exiting, basketball and so much more) Again, keep in mind that every unit has different actives, jumping space and layout so the number of kids charges depending on the unit.

How do the kids get safely in or out of the bounce house?

The bounces houses have a safety step that is part of the unit. Kids can crawl up into the inflatable through a small opening which also has a safety net over the entrance. When they need to exit, they will slide out feet first. An adult should be available to assist kids as needed.

Can adults go in the inflatable?

Every unit has a total weight and an individual maximum weight printed on the label. It is NEVER suggest that kids and adults play in the unit together as injury could occur. However, if adults enter to monitor young toddlers or to take pictures, it should be fine. Use common sense. Most waterslide are able to accommodate both children and adults as 1 person at a time is required to go down at a time.

When shouldn’t I use the moonwalk?

If winds exceed 20 m.p.h. deflate the moonwalk unit until it is safe.