Do you charge for delivery?

The delivery charge is distance-based. This is a one time charge and is not applied to each unit for the same delivery date.

Do you charge for Set-up Or Take Down?

This depends on the unit. Inflatables, attractions and mechanicals will have set up and break down included in the price. Other rental items like yard games, tables, chairs, concessions and other items will require additional set up and break down costs because they can be done by the client or end user however if they would prefer it done for them, we can do this for an additional cost of course.

Do you collect Sales Tax?

Yes, sales tax will be collected and will vary depending on what city or county the rental occurs in. Your quote will represent the local sales tax. If you are a non-profit entity or have a State approved tax exemption certificate we will ask that you provide us with an EIN number upon rental and a copy of the documentation.

Do you require a deposit?

We require a deposit of $50  if the total rental items and labor cost is less than $250. If the total is above $250, then the deposit will range from a minimum of $25% up to 100% depending on what items are rented and when they are rented in relation to their rental use date. A credit card of record, is required for all deposits.

When/How do I pay?

All payments in cash, credit or debit cards are due and expected seven calendar days before delivery. We take company checks, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Discover. Payment must be made in full prior to delivery. There will be a $75 returned check fee on all returned checks, NO EXCEPTIONS!

What if I pay late?

Payments must be made seven calendar days before the rental date. Payments received with seven days of the event will incur a $25 late payment fee. If payment is not made by 12pm the day before the event, then the scheduled rental items will not be placed on the delivery route for the next day and the payments will be considered forfeited and the items will not be delivered.

IF complete payment is made late the day before the event after 12pm and the delivery can be accommodated by Chicagoland Event Rentals sole discretion, then there will be a minimum $50 docking fee. This can increase for larger orders that take more time to have loaded. This docking fee is addition to any other fees related to the rental, this would be in addition to any late payment costs.

Why do I have to pay a docking fee for paying late?

Some trucks leave as early as 6am, so the loading will have to be completed the night before, often times late at night because the trucks and rental equipment may need to come back from other events the day before. We have to inspect, service, clean and prepare the rental items the day before for the next day rental. When loading trucks for delivery, they are packed into the truck based on the route and the order of the equipment rental drop off. It would not be practical to contact the delivery team late at night and inform them to arrive “early” to work because of poor planning by other individuals. They may have to spend 1.5 hours unpacking, loading the late pay delivery and then repacking the truck. This docking fee goes to cover the additional cost of the labor required to accommodate the late order and delivery logistics.

What if I DO NOT pay my balance?

Any deposit and any payments paid will be forfeited and kept as payment for services rendered for reserving the units to use.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

You may cancel your reservation at any time but there will be a cancelation fee that can range up to the 100% of the total rental amount. Deposits are non-refundable. They are, however, transferable from date to date without expiration date

What is your policy if there is inclement weather?

Safety is important. Bouncers cannot be used if there are existing or predicted winds of 25 mph or more, and cannot be used with heavy rain. If the weather is predicted to be unfavorable prior to delivery, we will call you and discuss whether we should cancel the rental and/or reschedule your event. If we set up the unit, and the weather later turns inclement (rain or higher winds), we will pick up the unit according to your schedule. However, in this event, no refund will be given.

May the delivery team accept tips?

Absolutely! These people work hard, spending their weekends setting up and taking down the equipment. If the delivery person(s) does a good job, let them know.