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Plastic Folding Chairs

From: $3.00
You can rent plastic folding chairs for any events like party, wedding, picnic or any significant events. You can order it here for plastic chairs. We give service. So, for all big events, anyone can contact to rent chairs, tables, and more items in here. Price is per unit.

Complete Picnic Table Package Chicago

From: $75.00
To get discount two packages must be ordered minimum or have a minimum order of $200 not including delivery costs. Complete Picnic Table Package Chicago

Snow Cone Machine

From: $75.00
Includes 9 ounce cups and spoons when adding concession servings. Does not include serving straws or napkins.

Popcorn Machine

Additional Serving Kits:  $7.75 (9 Servings Per Kit) - Includes Additional Popcorn Bags

Hot Dog Steamer

From: $65.00
Includes 25 Hot Dog Paper Boat Trays  | Additional 25 Paper Tray Packs are $4

Barstool with Black Seat Cushion

From: $20.00
Bar stool with Thick Seat Chicago comes in various designs and sizes to provide customers with different choices according to their bar events and parties. You can select bar stools from a wide range of the bar stools. Before rentals ensure that the stool will fit perfectly in your bar. The stools come with and without armrests. Kindly choose according to your requirements to avoid future complications. Don’t think twice and get what you want at very low prices. Price is per unit.