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Toxic Meltdown Eliminator Wipeout Rental Chicago IL


Toxic Meltdown Eliminator Wipeout


Toxic Meltdown Eliminator Wipeout Price is per hour with a 4 hour minimum.

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                   Toxic meltdown  All about the inflatable game

Toxic meltdown If you want to play some extremely interesting rides on your next event or party they this must be for you. The toxic meltdown rental Chicago il is an extreme take the game to the end with the last man standing on the spot. This game is inspired by the television show named as wipe out. The toxic meltdown is basically for kids above the age of 10 years and adults.

How to play toxic meltdown

Toxic meltdown is a wipe out game. In these players try to stand on their spots or pedestals without falling. There is a two-arm spin, which is the reason for the players to fall. Players need to jump over the spin, and they can also duck the spin. Players can use their techniques to keep standing on the pedestals, and the last standing player will win the game.

Design of the toxic meltdown inflatable rental Chicago

The eliminator wipe out rental Chicago comes in the combination of more than three colors like yellow, black, green, grey etc. usually its surface is colored in the green color, and the edges and pedestals are colored in the combination of black and yellow color. The color combination may vary from one to another. We are discussing the standard combination of colors. All the pedestals arranged in the circular shape and the center of the pedestals, there is a two-arm spinner. The whole game is made with the padded material, so you don’t need to worry about hurting your kids or someone else while playing this game.

Why prefer rental instead of buying?

 Inflatable wipeout rental Chicago is the best way to make your parties full of fun and excitement. It is advisable with to prefer rentals instead of buying these games. There are so many reasons behind this. Let us know them in detail.

  • You don’t need to worry about the storage of the inflatable when you choose rental.
  • Install and uninstall is the responsibility of the rental company.
  • Company will provide you with fully washes and sanitized toxic meltdown and also after use you don’t need to work about its maintenance and care.
  • Every time you rent the inflatable, the rental company will drop and pick up the product from your venue.


Now you know all about the toxic meltdown rental and the various reasons behind to choose Rental Company. It is a great game for team building and enhances the fun among the kids and adults.





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