Weather Policy

Here in the Illinois area we enjoy all 4 seasons of the year, and in general the “extreme” weather conditions that occur in other parts of the county are rare here. At the same time, we understand that the weather conditions play a big part in your party planning, and do our best to communicate and work with our customers in case of unpredictable weather. In most of these instances, we are able to leave the decision up to the customer whether or not to continue with their rental. But please understand that for the safety of you, your guests, and our workers, we cannot set up in unsafe weather conditions (such as high winds, lightning, heavy rain, etc).


If there is a high chance of rain the day of your event, we will contact you prior to delivery. You will have the option to cancel your reservation, or go ahead with your rental. If you choose to cancel your reservation, we will offer you a “rain check” on your deposit good for 1 year from your event date, that you may apply it to any future rental with us. If you choose to continue with your rental, any balance due must be paid by the time of delivery and no refunds will be issued. If there is active, heavy rain present, we will not set up to ensure the safety of you and your guests.


We always stake down our inflatables and tents. However, extreme wind can cause even correctly staked equipment to become temporarily unsafe. in case of high winds gusting 20 mph, please have guests exit the inflatables or tents until the winds pass. Once the children exit, please deflate the inflatable as well until winds slow down. A good rule of thumb is when you see the tops of large trees (or entire smaller trees) swaying, the wind speed is probably 20 mph or more. Please use your common sense and best judgment, and feel free to call us at if you are unsure of what to do.